Quadra and Cortes Island Homes For Sale


Just a quick update on the current market here on Quadra Island and Cortes Island. While things are (thankfully) picking up a little bit, there is still very little for sale and trust me – there are A LOT of buyers looking right now! We have local residents who are looking as well as people from all over Canada and the US looking for everything from bare land (inland or waterfront) to single family homes. Most people are looking for property that’s not too remote. On Quadra Island, for example, most people are looking around the south end, Quathiaski Cove and up to Heriot Bay. There has never been a better time to sell! Most people don’t realize this, but the more affordable homes are selling in under a week, but we tend not to put up that sold sign until subjects are removed which can take around 3 weeks due to the time it takes for any inspections such as water and septic testing to take place. If you were thinking of downsizing, moving to the “big island” or upsizing, give me a call to discuss the current market value of your home and to ask any questions you may have about whole process of selling your home. You can expect exceptional service from me and huge exposure for your listings too! And did you know? I donate 5% of my Quadra listing commissions to the Quadra Children’s Centre! 

And to those Quadra and Cortes Island buyers-stay strong! Your dream property will pop up before you know it! Get in touch with me and I can put you on my new listing notification service. You’ll find out about those new listings the same time I do and I’ll get you in to view and beat the rush!

Call me at 250-203-8652

Email renee@quadraisland.ca