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Quadra & the Discovery Islands

Quadra Island is an idyllic, tight-knit, rural community, the perfect place to raise a family, retire or relocate to for any reason. Quadra is the hub of the Discovery Islands an archipelago of about a dozen islands located near Campbell River, Vancouver Island and mainland British Columbia. The area has spectacular scenery, quiet beaches, parks, a thriving arts scene and lots of recreation opportunities.

Quathiaski Cove is the main village and commercial centre on the island (say it like: Kwa thee ask ee, or the locals often just call it Q-Cove). It’s located on the west side of the island and is where the ferry to and from Campbell River comes and goes from. Heriot Bay is on the east side of Quadra and is the port of departure for the ferry to Cortes Island and other marine services to the more remote Discovery Islands and mainland inlets. Cape Mudge village is the traditional home and cultural centre of the indigenous We Wai Kai, Laichwiltach First Nation. Most of the 3,000 year-round residents live on the southern peninsula of the island, within ~20 minutes drive of each other.

Between the three village centres there are several residential clusters with a variety of lot sizes (1/3 acre to 5 or more acres) Quadra Loop and Hooleyville are two of the main neighbourhoods. Elsewhere, dotted alongside the main and side roads are a mix of rural acreages, woodlots, parkland and toward the north of the island large areas of public Crown Land. There are smaller, more remote neighbourhoods at Granite Bay in the northwest corner of Quadra, and Bold Point and Village Bay Lake to the northeast. It’s about 25-30 minutes drive from these outlying communities down to Quathiaski Cove.

There are grocery stores and post offices at both Quathiaski Cove and Heriot Bay. Q-Cove also has a credit union (bank), library, pharmacy two medical clinics, bulk food shop, book store, insurance agent, gas station, mechanics, hardware store, gifts shops, galleries, laundromat, and a variety of professional services. Nowhere on Quadra Island is more than a few minute’s drive or bike ride from the nearest public access beach or hiking trail. Residents and visitors alike enjoy Quadra Island for its relaxed pace of life and beautiful natural surroundings. For more information about the community visit or to view the Quadra Island Visitor Guide see

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